Fernkloof Nature Reserve

Fernkloof Nature Reserve covers 1800 ha in the Kleinrivier Mountains above Hermanus and ranges in altitude from sea level to 842 m. In late 1957, the Reserve was proclaimed by the Provincial Council of the Cape.

There is no other place on earth where so many different species can be seen growing in such close proximity. In Fernkloof 1474 species have thus far been collected and identified. Grey rhebok, Cape grysbok, klipspringer, baboon,mongoose and dassie are present in small numbers. Others such as porcupine, genet and hare are nocturnal and these mammals are seldom seen. Although not as rich in bird-life as other areas in South Africa, 92 bird species have been recorded. Species most likely to be seen include the Cape Sugar Bird,Sunbirds,Rock Thrush and Rock Jumper. Raptors include the Jackal Buzzard and Black Eagle. Limited areas of forest alongside streams support numbers of seed and insect-eating species such as Rameron Pigeon, Canaries,Flycatchers and White-eyes. 

Enjoy a number of hiking trails.